The most important elements in a horse’s diet

  • Roughage
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Concentrates (fats/oils)
  • Based on roughage
Roughage is the main component of a horse’s diet. In this context, roughage means hay or silage. The fibres in the roughage force the horse to chew, which stimulates the production of saliva. Chewing also stimulates the movements of the gut wall, necessary for the cecum (blind gut) and colon (large intestine) to work properly. Giving enough high-quality roughage helps a horse’s intestines to work at maximum efficiency, and satisfies a large part of the animal’s energy demands. Give a horse 2% of its body weight in roughage every day. A horse weighing 600 kilos requires 15 kilos of hay per day.

Useful minerals and vitamins in combination with roughage

The minerals and vitamins in a horse’s diet are essential for its health, fitness and performance. In addition to roughage, it is important that a horse’s daily vitamin and mineral requirements are fully provided for. LiquiHorse meets a horse’s daily needs. The minerals and vitamins it contains stimulate enzyme activity. The enzymes improve digestion, ensuring that your horse gets more energy from its roughage. 

Concentrates for your horse

A horse can get enough energy and other nutrients from good roughage, provided it contains enough minerals and vitamins. However, horses that burn lots of energy can benefit from concentrate supplements. Concentrates should be given after roughage is eaten, because then there will be plenty of the saliva present which is needed to maximise absorption of the nutrients. According to the latest findings, it is better to increase the proportion of fats in a horse’s diet. LiquiHorse Energy Oil is the ideal product to do this.

LiquiHorse products

LiquiHorse is liquid.
The advantage of liquid vitamins and minerals is that they are more easily absorbed by the intestines. The liquid vitamins and minerals are better absorbed because they are already in a solution. The mineral does not need to be dissolved first, since it is already supplied in liquid form.

LiquiHorse Relax

LiquiHorse Relax helps horses relax. LiquiHorse Relax provides your horse with extra magnesium, an important element for relaxing muscles properly. If muscles are unable to relax properly, you will quickly notice that your horse is stressed. That is why magnesium is also known as the "anti-stress mineral".
Magnesium is also important for transmitting stimuli in nerve cells, producing enzymes and hormones, and aiding the metabolic process.

LiquiHorse Sport

LiquiHorse Sport ensures rapid recovery of muscles after your horse has been exercising intensely. The muscles recover more quickly thanks to the higher concentration of magnesium in LiquiHorse Sport and added carnitine. Magnesium is an important element for relaxing muscles. Carnitine plays an important role in energy metabolism and controlling muscle acidification. Carnitine is ideal for horses that are expected to deliver outstanding performances.
Use LiquiHorse Sport every day during 4 days before the race until 4 days afterwards. Afterwards, go back to using LiquiHorse Relax.

LiquiHorse Energy Oil

LiquiHorse Energy Oil gives three times more energy than a basic concentrate. The vegetable oil in LiquiHorse Energy Oil benefits your horse greatly. Giving your horse high-calorie LiquiHorse Energy Oil will help provide it with more energy for long-term performance. A perfect source of energy for sport horses that need energy. LiquiHorse Energy Oil is designed for the needs of a sport horse performing at a high level.

This product should be given in addition to LiquiHorse Relax of LiquiHorse Sport.
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